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Before the Illness, oil on canvas

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     Introductions -- as a painter, teacher, learner

     Growing Up with Art -- influences on my art, artists in the family

     Ser hidalgo -- on having time to daydream

     Creative Bud -- a playful friendship sparks imagination

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Artist's Statement

     Awe, Ecstasy, and the Sacred

     An Experimental Approach to Living and Art-making

     Contemporary and Postmodern

Mono Man in Tub II, oil on canvas

     Artist as Missionary

     Figure Painting Statement

     Landscape Painting Statement

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     Cleveland Free Times Review: Alive and Painting

     Cleveland Free Times Review: Alive and Painting (Scan)

     Oskaloosa Herald Review of Private Lessons

     Oskaloosa Herald Review of Private Lessons (Scan)

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