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Realist Painting: Artist's Statement


Artist as Missionary

One goal of my artistic work--both creating and teaching art--is to open ordinary people to their own artistic powers.

My public art, especially, is a means of prompting awareness of what a creative life is and how it is available to each of us. The Cosmic Egg, shown here, was completed with the help of a number of volunteers who happened upon the work-in-progress in a shopping mall. The work we did was partly an excuse to talk about art-making and what it means to be an artist.

Cosmic Egg, sculpture, with volunteer painters

   Cosmic Egg
   enamel on Fiberglas
   volunteer painters
   Merle Hay Mall
   Des Moines, Iowa

Almost anyone can learn to draw or paint. In my Drawing for Nincompoops class, for example, I can teach most people the essential skills of drawing in five lessons. Some people require more time; some get it almost immediately. Although this ease of learning often surprises my students, it shouldn't. We humans are hardwired to see like artists see. We've simply ignored some of our most potent built-in abilities.

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Artist as Missionary

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