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Realist Painting: Artist's Statement


Experimental Living and Art-making

My life is an art form. I paint, but I also use the same envisioning skills and attitudes in my Web design and programming. My teaching is art, too. Art-making is an approach to life. The objects we shape may be the least important of our creation.

In this sense, my work and my life are one. They are an experiment.

Belly Tales 7 & 6, oil on canvas

   Belly Tales 7 & 6
   oil on canvas

The subject of my experiment is the puzzle of contemporary life. None of us have ever lived in the twenty-first century before; the situations we face are largely new. The answers of 20 or 50 years ago may be insufficient today. By questioning the authority of traditions and "knowledge" passed down to us and by questioning ourselves, we will find a direction, or many directions, for this moment.

An experimental approach to life is a timeless way of seeing and knowing. Its gift is that we are more likely to glimpse the sacred, to experience awe and ecstasy.

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Artist's Statement

Awe, Ecstasy, and the Sacred

An Experimental Approach to Living and Art-making

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